Sierra Leone Skyline with 4wd vehicles

The Plan

To source five suitable 4x4 vehicles and equip them for the journey to Sierra Leone for work in areas of the country with no roads. They will be specifically equipped to fit the needs of NGO's and maintainance abilities in that region.

The vehicles will be driven overland through Europe and North West Africa by our team of 'Trailblazers', along a route that will include locations relevant in the slave trade of the past and human trafficking of present day.

We will be leaving Hull on October 25th 2007, the anniversary of Hull's twinning with Freetown - Freetown Day. The route will take in France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

We will arrive 3 weeks later and attend a Civic celebration event in Freetown where we will hand over the vehicles to the NGO's on the ground. The 'Trailblazers' will then fly back to the UK and share their experiences on TV, radio, and in many spin off projects.